Benefits of a Friendly Relationship with your Ex-Spouse

When couples decide to split and file for a divorce, they may do so for a variety of reasons. Some splits are conceived in anger and other deeply negative emotions, while others are more amicable. When couples have no children, business ties or other significant linkages outside their relationships, they may move on from each other with little or no future contact. However, if a couple’s child custody arrangements allow for the inclusion of both individuals in a child’s life, chances are that the former couple will need to learn to get along, even when it is difficult to remain in communication.

Unless your co-parent is abusive, it is almost always beneficial for both you and your child that you have a positive relationship with your former partner. If the relationship is easily friendly, that is wonderful. However, if there is tension between you and your co-parent, it may greatly benefit you to start mending ties that will allow you to either become friends or become friendly in the ways you would be with a business partner.

If you think about being in the business of behaving in your child’s best interest, then the metaphor of you and your co-parent as business partners will not seem so outlandish. Research confirms again and again that parents who verbally bash each other, fight with each other and are generally negative about each other in front of their children can do those youngsters lasting harm. By learning to be friends or friendly with your co-parent, you will be directly benefitting your child. And chances are that de-stressing your relationship will do you more good than harm as well.