Negotiation Can Keep Divorce Private for High Profile Individuals

An executive, celebrity, athlete or other high profile divorce can involve some unique considerations. High profile individuals often must be concerned about discretion in the divorce process. When media outlets begin reporting on the details of a high profile divorce, it can be embarrassing and even potentially costly.

When a high profile individual undergoes divorce, but also wishes to keep things out of the public eye, reaching a settlement out of court can be the most desirable.

Court records are usually not sealed

Sometimes litigation is necessary to come to a resolution in a divorce. But often it is not. You can rely on an experienced divorce attorney to know what factors a judge will consider in setting the terms of a divorce. It is important to have legal representation from an attorney who understands your position in a negotiation, both the strengths of your case and its weaknesses, and can assist you in achieving the most favorable settlement.

What are the advantages to pursuing negotiation rather than litigation? Settlement is usually more cost efficient, easier on the relationship between you and your soon-to-be ex spouse, and provides you with more control. For divorcing celebrities and other high profile individuals, it has an additional benefit with immeasurable value: negotiation is private.

Court proceedings in divorce are generally public, and court records are presumptively open to public scrutiny. Parties to a divorce may ask the court to file divorce records under seal; if the court grants this request, those records or portions of records filed under seal will not be a matter of public record.

However, courts are often reluctant to seal records because it tends to undermine the transparency of court proceedings. Narrowly tailored requests to seal records are often granted so that children cannot be identified in divorce records, to keep victims of domestic violence from suffering further harm and to safeguard proprietary business information. However, simply avoiding public disclosure of embarrassing information is not usually a good enough reason for the court to seal records in a divorce.

Negotiation, on the other hand, is conducted behind closed doors. There is not a courtroom record of the intricate details of your divorce, and you can even include terms in your settlement agreement that can make it confidential.

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Divorce is difficult and emotional process. However, an experienced attorney can help put things in perspective and reach common ground with the other side while still looking out for your best interests.

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