Sports Representation at Boyd Law

In today’s sports world, the opportunities for athletes to generate income off the field are ever-increasing. At Boyd Law, we serve as contract negotiators, marketers, deal makers and often confidants for professional athletes. Additionally, as a full service law firm, we bring the unique ability to provide global service to our clients to protect their assets and vigorously defend their legal rights.

Marketing and Endorsement Deals
Boyd Law prides itself on an expansive legal and contract negotiation experience. By combining this knowledge and experience with an extensive network of resources in the Los Angeles area and beyond, our proactive approach allows us to unearth innovative marketing and endorsement deals for our clients. While we are dedicated to our clients even after their career on the field is over, we understand that the window of opportunity for athletes to capitalize on their earning potential is small. As a result, we are able to provide the most favorable terms for our clients in any deal, while always achieving each client’s individualized goals and protecting his or her brand.

Potential marketing and endorsement deals for our athletes include: shoe and apparel sponsorships, product endorsements, personal appearances, speaking engagements, and other opportunities to assist our clients to build name brand recognition and maximize off the field revenue.

Full-Service Representation
With the overall rise in earning potential for athletes, it is necessary for athletes to require the consultancy of professional advisors in legal and financial matters. With a full service law firm, Boyd Law brings a unique ability to assist clients in a wide range of legal matters in order to maintain wealth after their playing careers are over, as well as vigorously defend their present and future legal rights.

Wealth and notoriety make athletes and entertainers particularly vulnerable to financial predators and frivolous lawsuits. Our attorneys have significant experience in asset protection and estate planning to ensure that our clients’ assets are protected from third parties, while also arranging for these assets to pass seamlessly to heirs.

Our business law attorneys also have the experience and skill to provide clients with the opportunity to form business entities in order to create their own businesses and facilitate the strategic planning of post-career activities. Additionally, we fiercely protect our clients’ rights of publicity to ensure their name, image, and likeness is not being used without compensation.

In today’s sports world, increased media exposure and social media popularity has resulted in athletes being able to connect with their fans like never before. While the opportunities for athletes to expand their earning potential have increased, the need for full-service financial and legal assistance has also increased. At Boyd Law, our representation is based on one simple word: Trust. Our reputation for tenacious advocacy on behalf of clients and the utmost integrity in contract negotiations has resulted in long-term relationships with our clients.

To find out more about sports law representation, contact Boyd Law today to speak to an experienced sports law attorney.