What Should I Know About Adopting a Child as a Single Person?

Adopting a child is a noble decision that could change your life and the child’s life for the better. It is absolutely possible to adopt a child as a single person in California. The desire to raise and nurture a child or start a family is not exclusive to married couples. In recent years, adoption agencies have been allowing more single-person adoptions – perhaps due to the rate of divorce or more progressive views on what makes a suitable home environment. Here is everything you need to know about adopting a child as a single person.

A Preference for Two-Person Homes

Despite single-parent adoptions becoming more common, a bias toward two-parent households still exists in the adoption sector. Research suggests that a two-parent home is the “ideal” situation for a child rather than living with just one parent. For this reason, many adoption agencies still place their preferences with two-parent adopters. Do not let this deter you from trying to adopt, however; simply see it as a challenge you may have to rise to on your journey.

Combat the preference for a two-person home by proving to the agency that you are more than capable of raising a child on your own. The agency simply wants what is best for the child. It will most likely not deny your adoption request if you can prove you will be successful in raising the child and fulfilling his or her needs as a single parent. Proof of your capabilities can come in the form of financial documentation, proof of a support system, letters of recommendation from references and evidence of the stability of your home.

Not All Agencies Are Alike

Not all adoption agencies have the same preferences or policies. Shop around for an adoption agency that expresses a willingness to consider single parent adopters. Ask for referrals or recommendations from people who have adopted or look online using a keyword phrase such as ‘single parent adoption agency.’ Make sure the agency you find has all the proper licenses and accreditations to prove its validity. Learn the agency’s policy for single parent applicants. Some agencies may only accept two-parent adoption requests, while others may encourage single parents to apply.

Preparation Is Key

What an adoption agency wants to know above all is that you will be able to adequately care for the child now and years into the future. Showing an adoption agency or independent birth mother that you are 100% prepared for what is to come can put their minds at ease and improve the odds of them signing off on the adoption. Sit down and map out your future with your prospective adopted child.

Plan your future in detail, including things such as how much money you will earn, how you will provide for the child’s needs, what school the child will go to, where you will live, and how you will adapt to issues such as health problems or disabilities. A highly detailed plan can show that you have thought through the long-term implications of being a single adoptive parent and are ready to embrace your new role. It will prove you are stable and serious about the adoption.

It Can Be Easier With an Adoption Attorney

You might think hiring an adoption attorney is only necessary if you encounter legal issues, but this is not the case. Retaining an adoption lawyer from the beginning can help you navigate all the rules, red tape, paperwork and proof your adoption case may involve. A lawyer can strengthen your case for adoption right from the start, showing an agency you are more than capable of raising a child on your own. Your lawyer can also help you prepare the complex documents that come with adopting a child in California, making the process easier on you overall. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of adopting as a single parent, a family law attorney can help.