Dr. Dre & Wife of 20 Years File For Divorce in Los Angeles

On Monday, June 29, Nicole Young filed for divorce from her husband of 24 years, Dr. Dre, citing irreconcilable differences. News of the divorce broke after an otherwise successful year for the rapper and producer. Dr. Dre, legal name Andre Young, is in the midst of a collaboration with Kanye West, as well as possible participation in the Verzuz Livestream series by Swizz Beats and Timbaland. He also won the 2020 Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The couple will most likely be working with a high net worth celebrity divorce attorney to finalize their split with discretion.

Experts Say Couple Will Want a Prompt, Private Resolution

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are an incredibly high-profile couple with a lot to lose from a public legal battle. Estimates place Dr. Dre’s current net worth around $800 million. Divorce experts believe the couple will do their best to avoid a lengthy and public dispute. They will instead try to resolve the case quickly and privately through settlement or mediation. This will keep the details of the split out of the public eye.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce case has a few potential complications. First, they are a high-asset couple. If they cannot work out a settlement agreement, the courts will divide their net worth in half and give each spouse 50% of the assets and debts. In this case, Mrs. Young would receive half of Dr. Dre’s earnings. This might not be the situation, however, if Mrs. Young signed a prenuptial agreement before she married Dr. Dre in 1996.

Any assets or money Dr. Dre acquired before the marriage will not be part of what the courts might divide in a divorce trial. This is his separate property. Anything acquired in the last 24 years of marriage, however, could be part of the 50/50 split. Nicole Young, who is an attorney herself, has already filed a request for temporary spousal support. Experts believe the amount Mrs. Young could receive in spousal support might persuade Dr. Dre to reach a settlement with her instead. The couple also has two children together; however, they are both adults and may not affect the divorce agreement.

Los Angeles High Net Worth Divorce Services

High net worth divorce cases such as Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s can be complex. Both spouses might argue over property division, leading to a long and drawn-out court process. When a high net worth couple cannot agree on asset division, they cannot achieve a settlement. The couple will have to go to trial instead – meaning a lengthy legal battle that will be part of public record. It will then be up to the judge, as well as California’s property division laws, to determine how to divide the couple’s considerable assets and any debts.

Most high net worth couples do not take on their complicated divorces alone. They hire experienced attorneys who can resolve these types of divorce cases for them. The high net worth divorce attorneys at Boyd Law in California have years of experience providing services tailored specifically for high-earning couples. We understand the factors that often apply to these cases, including California’s community property laws, complex assets, business ventures, prenups and postnups, offshore accounts, and spousal maintenance. We may be able to help if you are currently going through a high net worth divorce in California.

Los Angeles Celebrity Divorce Services


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