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Los Angeles Celebrity Divorce Lawyer

No one enters a marriage with the idea that it will one day end in divorce. Circumstances change and people grow apart. The divorce process is often a very personal and private one. Making certain you have experienced legal representation on your side throughout the divorce process is important. In the case of a celebrity divorce, it is essential that confidentiality and privacy remain a top priority throughout the process. The Los Angeles celebrity divorce attorneys at Boyd Law have the skills in negotiation and in trial to achieve a favorable outcome while protecting your professional reputation.

If you are a celebrity, you likely have a high net worth. Divorces involving couples with a high net worth can be particularly complicated. This is usually because these situation involve a large number of assets that need to be divided. A celebrity couple with a high net worth is likely to face more obstacles in their divorce. Some of the common issues that arise in divorce cases involving couples with high assets include the following:

At Boyd Law our Los Angeles celebrity divorce attorneys understand the need for discretion. We will protect your privacy including your net worth, your personal life, your divorce settlement and custody arrangements. We understand how highly confidential these things are and it is our goal to protect your privacy from the public and media.

In high net worth divorce cases, the process of properly valuing and dividing marital assets is extremely important in ensuring that parties receive the most fair and favorable outcomes possible. Los Angeles divorce attorneys at Boyd Law will help you understand what you are entitled to during your divorce, as well as assist you in determining how much your marital assets are worth.

Having a celebrity status and a high net worth we recognize what is at state, and we can help you protect your assets and vigorously defend your rights in your property division involving assets such as:

We also understand that family is of the utmost importance, and dealing with problems with family in a high net divorce cause added and unwanted stress. Our litigators will always fight to protect what is most important to you, and will strive to make sure that these issues are resolved in a time sensitive manner.

Many of our clients are involved in professional partnerships with their spouse or are shareholders in family corporation or other closely-held business interests. Under these circumstances, the accurate valuation of these assets is vital to establishing a fair and equitable division of marital property. One of the advantages of hiring Body Law is that our celebrity divorce lawyers in Los Angeles have the resources and partner-level skill and qualifications to assist you in the efficient valuation of any business or investment assets in a complex marital estate.

We are highly experienced divorce attorneys who represent high profile clients throughout Los Angeles. When complex issues are present in your situation, we use our team of Los Angeles family law lawyers and staff to address all of the problems so that you can move on with your life. We value your privacy and will do everything to protect you from social media and public. We will maintain a commitment to you by keeping you informed of the progress of your case throughout the divorce process. Contact our office today at 310-777-0231 for a free consultation.