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Modification of Support Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

In California, child support is ultimately determined by a computation based on each parent’s personal income, household income, and other financial and family circumstances, including the number of children each parent has a legal duty to support, and the ages of the children. The Los Angeles modification of support attorneys at Boyd Law are experienced in representing and advising clients in original child support determinations as well as child support modification.

Reasons For Child Support Modification

Often times parents may want to change the child support order. There are many good reasons why a child support order might need to be changed. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • The income of one or both parents has changed;
  • One parent has lost his or her job;
  • One parent has been incarcerated;
  • One parent had another child from another relationship;
  • There have been significant changes in how much time the child in the case spends with each parent;
  • The child’s needs may have changed and there may be more (or less) costs for child care, health care, or education; and
  • There have been changes in any of the factors that are used to calculate child support.

At Boyd Law, we help parents in the Los Angeles area and throughout California seek, or object to, a change to a divorce or child support order. We have had considerable success in representing clients in child support modification in California. Our Los Angeles based divorce lawyers work with parents to request an increase or decrease in child support, or to challenge the other parent’s request to change child support orders. Regardless of your position, we will work to build a case that presents a situation favorable to your needs and the best interests of your children.

Child support in the state of California is determined by California Family Code 4055 – Statewide Uniform Guidelines for Determining Child Support. This formula takes into consideration such things as gross income, payroll deductions, and taxes when determining the amount of child support. However, the formula can be complicated by other factors such as child support to children from a previous marriage, the value of a closely held business, or the value of a high asset estate.

We understand that circumstances change. You may have challenges with your job or face health issues that make it difficult or impossible to work. We will prepare and file all documents related to child support modification proceedings or to address concerns about or allegations of failure to timely pay support. We can also help you enforce support orders through contempt motions, income deduction orders and, if necessary, the garnishment of bank accounts or other assets.

Spousal Support Modification

Spousal support can also be modified. If you are paying or receiving spousal support and have experienced a significant change in your circumstances, you can ask for a review and modification of the order.

If your spousal support is modifiable and you wish to change the payments, you must be able to prove there has been a significant material change to your income over time. A significant change in income could include:

  • Remarriage of the recipient
  • New expenses on behalf of the child
  • Job loss or a pay cut
  • Illness or injury that prevents the spouse from earning a full salary, or creates high medical expenses

In order to modify the amount of spousal support you are paying or receiving it is important to seek the help of an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney who can modify the support order.

Modifying child support and or spousal support can be a complex process. The Los Angeles spousal support attorneys at Boyd Law have years of experience handling such cases and can help you understand and strategize for any legal issue involving child support and or spousal support modification. Contact our office today at 310-777-0231 for a free consultation.