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Los Angeles Law Enforcement Divorce Lawyer

Divorce happens across all professions, and law enforcement is no exception. One of the most important things for any Los Angeles law enforcement officer to know when he or she is considering a divorce is that there are Los Angeles law enforcement divorce attorneys who specialize in such cases. Los Angeles, CA Boyd Law office is a full-service legal firm that can handle the full range of considerations during divorce proceedings, and we offer discounted rates for law enforcement.

For the most part, law enforcement divorces play out like any other marriage dissolution, but there are a few considerations you should know. We’ve compiled some information for Los Angeles law enforcement officers who may be thinking about a divorce or for officers looking for clear prenuptial agreement information before a wedding.

Law Enforcement and Marriage

TV and movies have suggested for years that those in law enforcement frequently have troubled marriages that often lead to divorce. It may surprise you to learn that, in fact, the opposite appears to be true. Many people persist in this belief because the stress of the job is so high, especially when compared with other professions, and often the degree of that stress is hard to measure.

Not many other professions require you to face down people intent on harming or killing. This field also forces officers to occasionally witness gruesome or traumatic scenes, and research suggests undercover work has profound effects on officers’ mental health. Although it may be counterintuitive, the statistics seem to indicate these unique factors do not create a higher divorce rate among law enforcement officers.

Despite the special circumstances and unique stressors law enforcement officers face, marriage with a law enforcement officer functions much like any other. A long, stable, and happy marriage is possible with unwavering love, open communication, honesty, and the ability to compromise. The only major difference for law enforcement is managing their work and life balance; law enforcement officers typically juggle changing shifts and long hours, and schedules often conflict with spouses’. Though the marriage may work the same, certain aspects of divorce proceedings involving officers may be different.

Pensions are usually a primary concern for couples considering a divorce. Most state laws recognize the pension an officer earned during a marriage as the shared property of both spouses. Though this is the general rule, the state divorce court will make the final ruling concerning the pension and any other retirement funds. Settling financial matters and determining how assets will be split are typically the most time consuming parts of divorce proceedings. Having the right attorney on your side during this process means an expert is guarding your best interests.

Legal Counsel From Los Angeles, CA Law Enforcement Divorce Lawyer

Seek the advice from Los Angeles divorce attorneys who have experience with California divorce laws and with helping law enforcement officers dissolve their marriages through divorce, legal separation, or annulments. Regardless of your profession, divorces are never easy, but skilled counsel can make the process much less painful for you and your spouse.

A tumultuous divorce can quickly spiral into a lengthy affair, and reaching a resolution quickly isn’t always an option. Consulting a family attorney in LA can significantly reduce the overall stress for all parties, and an experienced Los Angeles law enforcement divorce lawyer can help eliminate any ambiguity and finalize a divorce as quickly as possible.

Get in contact with our Los Angeles, CA office if you’re looking for the best legal counsel in the Los Angeles area, with discounted rates for law enforcement officers. We understand the stress law enforcement officers face every day, and a divorce is only going to make your life more difficult without reliable backup in your corner. Call our Los Angeles location at (310) 777-0231 to schedule a case evaluation, or if you have any questions about divorcing as a Los Angeles law enforcement officer.