What Are the Benefits of Working With a Certified Family Law Specialist?

Not all family law attorneys are created equal. When choosing an attorney to represent you during your family law matter in Los Angeles, it is critical to select the one that will provide the highest quality legal representation. The lawyer you retain can have an enormous impact on the outcome of your case. Hiring a family law attorney who is also a CFLS – a Certified Family Law Specialist – can give you an edge in and out of the courtroom.

What Must a California Family Law Specialist Have?

A California Certified Family Law Specialist is a legal professional who not only has a license to practice law, but also an additional certification of expertise in family law. A CFLS has gone above the standard licensing requirements to be designated as a specialist in family law and has been officially certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

It is not enough to practice a certain number of years as a family law attorney to become a CFLS. This distinction is reserved only for lawyers who have met the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated a proficiency in the area of family law.
  • Completed the required years of experience and education in the field of family law.
  • Taken and passed a written examination in family law (similar to a bar exam).
  • Continued to demonstrate a high level of experience and skill in the practice area.
  • Fulfilled ongoing legal education requirements.
  • Continuously been positively evaluated by other professionals in the field.

A lawyer can only identify him or herself as a Certified Family Law Specialist after fulfilling these requirements and obtaining a certification from the State Bar or another certification program with equivalent requirements. This process is rigorous, meaning that Certified Family Law Specialists are not common. If you find a family attorney that advertises as a California CFLS, this tells you that he or she has gone the extra mile to become a specialist in this practice area.

What Can a Certified Family Law Specialist Do Differently?

Hiring a California Certified Family Law Specialist to represent you during a divorce case, legal separation, child custody case or another family law case can give you the extra peace of mind of knowing that your attorney has specialized knowledge about your type of case. Certification will give you the assurance you need that your attorney is truly an expert on the subject and will have what it takes to successfully represent you.

In addition to this assurance, working with a CFLS means you can expect high standards of excellence throughout your case. Your attorney will be more knowledgeable, better qualified and more highly trained than a noncertified family law attorney. Whether you can settle your matter outside of court or you have to take your case to trial in Los Angeles, you can feel confident in your attorney’s ability to properly and aggressively represent you as a certified specialist in family law.

If you have a complicated family law matter, such as a high-asset divorce case or contested child custody battle, it can be even more important to retain a California Certified Family Law Specialist for representation. Retaining a specialist instead of a noncertified attorney can give you better results during a difficult or sensitive case.

A CFLS will have the ability to explain California’s laws to you, properly prepare legal documents, identify potential tax implications, overcome complex legal issues and obstacles, and negotiate difficult or emotional issues on your behalf. With the extra amount of knowledge and experience required to become a Certified Family Law Specialist in California, your lawyer will have everything you need to build a strong case on your behalf.

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